Since 1990

Carlo Mansi

The real artisanal limoncello of the Amalfi Coast.

Our artisanal Limoncello


Since 1990 the Liquorificio Carlo Mansi of Minori has been carrying on the authentic tradition of artisanal limoncello on the Amalfi Coast: a unique product of absolute quality which is the result of careful processing, respecting the ancient recipe and our history.

Pure artisanal limoncello



Tastings and guided tours

Ours is a story that speaks of the traditions and unmistakable flavors of the beautiful land of Minorese, of which we have collected the cultural heritage to enhance the values that inspire us every day and that are part of our identity. In our laboratory we produce limoncello following step by step every stage of processing. From the collection of lemons still unripe, which are peeled by hand, to the infusion in alcohol at 96 degrees, until processing, bottling and distribution of the final product all over the world. Our laboratory is open daily to the public for tastings of limoncello and all our other liqueurs and for guided tours for groups. Contact us to book: you will be able to know closely how our limoncello is made, a liqueur of the highest quality, appreciated even by the most demanding consumers.

Our Products


Liquors and essences

Available in various flavors, our liqueurs and essences, from the classic to the most innovative, are made with natural ingredients and flavors. Cicerenella, Amaro del Monaco, Bronte Pistachio Cream and many others. Try them all.

Gift ideas

Handcrafted ceramics meets the unique taste of our limoncello. Many refined ideas, perfect to give as a gift, such as the complete sets of small glasses, tray and bottle of limoncello or the small ceramic amphorae decorated by hand.

Lemon Delights

Many lemon products to accompany our liqueurs. Babà mignon with limoncello and many tempting delicacies to be discovered. Let yourself be conquered by our sweet temptations. You will not be able to do without.

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