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Since 1990 the Liquorificio Carlo Mansi, artisan laboratory production of liquors, tells a story that speaks of tradition, identity, culture, scents and flavors of our wonderful land. Discover it for yourself.

Since the beginning of our activity, our goal has always been to collect the cultural heritage of Minori, to spread and enhance its traditions, still deeply rooted in us, and thus enhance the entire territory of the Amalfi Coast. We personally take care of the lemon processing and of all our products. We follow every stage of production with attention, professionalism and great passion, from the collection of lemons, peeled by hand, to bottling and distribution. We are convinced that only by respecting the ancient traditions it is possible to guarantee a unique, fresh, genuine and totally Italian product. Every day we open the doors of our laboratory to the public, where it is possible to buy and taste our Limoncello together with all the other products and, at the same time, to follow live all the processing phases to discover the transformation of the lemon into the famous limoncello of our Liquorificio Carlo Mansi.

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Liquorificio Carlo Mansi

Tastings and guided tours

The use of genuine raw materials allows us to offer consumers a high quality end product, which we also make available for in-house tastings, which have always been very well received by our potential customers. It is also possible to book guided tours of the laboratory: we host small groups and groups to get a close-up view of the production phases of our artisanal limoncello. Contact us now or come and visit us in our laboratory in Via Vescovado, 1 in Minori.

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